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Wifi smart switch
Glass panel material
1 gang/2 gang/3 gang/dimmer/fan/curtain are available
White /black and other color optional
Work with Ali Ginie,Amazon ECHO and Google Home

Ultimate Beauty

· Ingenuity design Beauty appearance,Highly texture.
· Toughened Glass Surface Prevents the scratch from knives or something hard.
· Dampproof available for humid operation.
· Fire Retardant Strengthen protection for the short circuit of power lines.


Control Lights from Anywhere

When you are in the out of door,This light switch allows you to remotely control any lights in your home by your mobile phone whenever you want,wherever you are. 

Set Schedules for Lights

· Single/Repeat/Delay/Cycle
· Using the free 'Smart Life' APP,you can schedule a lamp to turn on at sunset,or turn on a fan before you arrive by scheduling.

LED Night Navigation
The navigation will be shimmering all through the night,with its help,you can easily spot the position of other lights.the light is so soft that if wouldn't disturb your sleep at all.shimmering as it is,still it's bright enough to guide you into the bathroom.

Voice Control
After paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant,you can turn your lights,ceiling fans on or off just by your voice.

Add More Features with IFTTT

'If This,Then That is a free web-based service the lets you do amazing things with your MOES light switch,Turn lamps,fans or other electronics on before you get home or off when you leave,with IFTTT.


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