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White /black and other color optional
Work with Ali Ginie,Amazon ECHO and Google Home
WiFi Dimmer / Fan Switch
  User Guide
           EU/UK              US
1. Wiring Diagram
Dimmer switch wiring diagram                   Fan switch wiring diagram
Remarks:Dimmer switch is only used for dimmable light.
2. Download and Install App  
Use your phone to scan the QR code below or
 search “SmartLife” in application market to
download in install App
3. Register Account
4. Add New Device
*Connect your phone to local wifi first     
*Ensure the key of switch is not blinking rapidly,
 Please long press the key until it blinks rapidly     
*Press “+” in homepage
*Select device type
*Input wifi password and confirm
*Wait for successful configuration
5. Control on App
After successful configuration,you can control wifi light
Wifi light switch on APP.
                 Dimmer           Fan
6. Set Timer
Timer can be set for each gang on APP. Please set as below steps:
7. Share device
*Select “Device Sharing” in Profile
*Input the cell phone number/email you want
to share control with
*Add Nickname or Username
*press Control once selected
*Device will automatically appear in “Devices
Sharing” once added
8. Specification
* Working Voltage: AC110-240V(50/60Hz)
* Max Load: 400W/Gang(Resistive load)
* Working Current: Max 2A
* Standby consumption: 0.1mA
* Wireless Protocal: Wifi 2.4GHz
* Wireless Range: 30 Meters(lndoor)
* Switch Standard: EU/US
* Material: ABS flame retardant
9. Manually reset the device
①Reset light switch﹑light curtain controller and other
* Press any key of the device for 20 seconds untill
light flashes indicating a successful reset;
* indicator light flash quickly (flash 2 times every
 second) indicating fast mode;
* indicator light flash slowly (1 flash every 3 seconds)
indicating hotspot mode;
* under fast mode, press any device key for 20 seconds
  until the indicator flashes slowly, indicating it has
switched to focus mode; and vice versa.
②Reset the dimmer/fan switch
* In the dimmer/fan switch off long press down key for 20 
seconds until light flashes, indicating a successful reset;
* indicator lights flash quickly (2 times flash every
second) indicating fast mode;
* indicator lights flash slowly (1 flash every 3 seconds)
 indicating hotspot mode;
* under fast mode, press and hold down the device
key for 20 seconds until the indicator flashes slowly,
indicating that it has switched to focus mode;
and vice versa.
10. Works with Google Home Preparation
  * A Google Home device , or an Android phone with
Google Assistant.
* Latest Google Home APP (Android only) and a
Google account.
* The devise display language must be set to English
* Smart Life APP and a related account.
Smart device.
Sign in with Smart Life account, add the device,
then change the name to a easily recognized word or
phrase, like “bedroom light”.
 11. Set up with Google Home APP
* Open the Google Home APP and sign in a Google
account. Then connect the Google Home APP with
your Google Home device according to the
Instruction of Google Home.
* Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to
your Google Home. Then connect it to your Google
Home according to the Instruction.
Make sure your Google Home APP and Google Home
are in the same Wi-Fi network.
12. Link Smart Life account in Home
Attention: Due to the Google Home APP's known
Bug, you could use only one Google Home account to
control “Home Control Action”. If you sign in Google
Home APP with several Google accounts, only the
first Google account you signed in can be used for
“Home Control”.
* Tap “Home Control” in the hamburger menu on the
Google Home APP's Home Page, then tap “+”.
* Find “Smart Life” in the list. In the new window,
select your Smart Life account region, type your
Smart Life account and password, then tap “Link
Now”. After you assign rooms for devices, your
devices will be listed in the Home Control page.
13. Control your smart devices
 through Google Home
Now you can control your smart device through
Google Home. Take bedroom light as the example,
the supported voice commands are as below:
OK Google, turn on/off bedroom light.
OK Google, set bedroom light to 50 percent.
OK Google, brighten/dim bedroom light.
OK Google, set bedroom light to red.
14. Works with Amazon Alexa Preparation
* Amazon Alexa APP and account
* Smart Life APP and account
* An Echo device, including Echo, Echo Dot and Echo
Tap .
* Smart device.
Sign in with Smart Life account, add the device,
then change the name to a easily recognized word or
phrase, like “bedroom light”.
15. Set up Echo with Amazon Alexa APP
Sign in with Amazon account. Tap the Homepage on
the top left, tap “Settings” and “Set up a new
device”. Then follow the instructions.  
Select a Echo device, long press the dot button on
the top of your Echo device until the orange light
shows up and tap “Continue”. Then select your Wi-
Fi network and connect it to your device according to
the instructions. This may take several minutes.
16. Enable our skill in Alexa APP
* Tap the Homepage, select “Skills”, then search
“Smart Life”. Select “Smart Life” and tap “Enable
 Skill” to enable the Smart Life Skill.
* You will be redirected to the account link page.
Type your Smart Life account and password, do
not forget to select the country/region where your
account belongs to. Then tap “Link Now” to link your
Smart Life account. When “Alexa has been successfully
linked with Smart Life” shows up, you can leave this
page. (Note: If a Smart Life account has been linked
before, you can use it directly, you can also tap
“Disable Skills” to remove it. )
 17. Control your smart device through Echo
* Echo need to discover your smart device before the
* You can say “Alexa, discover device” to Echo, or you
can also tap “Discover Device” on APP to discover
the smart devices. Discovered devices will be shown
in the list. (Note: Every time you change the name of
devices on Smart Life APP, Echo must re-discover
devices before the control.)
Now you can control your smart devices through
Echo. You can use following commands to control
your devices(e.g.,bedroom light):
Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light.
Alexa, set bedroom light to 50 percent.
Alexa, brighten/dim bedroom light.
Alexa, set bedroom light to red.
You can also set up groups in Alexa APP. Tap “Create
group”, give your group a name like “my smart
lights”, select devices to add them in this group, then
tap “Save”. Now you can control your devices by
group. If you say “Alexa turn on my smart lights”, all
the lights will be turned on.


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